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Gainsbourg once said: “Women love misogynists.” I think he hit on something. I have often found that the better you treat a woman the worse she becomes. I used to be attracted to bad girls but eventually their sex appeal wears off once the veil of mystery gets sun-bleached with your sexual scrutiny. Now I  am attracted to nice girls and I am getting into even more trouble.

There is something to be said for the driver of desire, of lust, of seduction and mystery in art. For me, the power of sex is the power of seduction and mystery. They are essential in life and central to my work as a photographer. It must have play and darkness, fun and a trace of innocence. My silver gelatin photographs are little fantasy scenes in a film noir where the femme fatale retains a sense of innocence and redemption, after she has killed and eaten her prey.

As a photographer I am not discovering. I am inventing fantasy, mystery, and seduction using black and white, light and darkness.

I always hated those who said life is not black and white but really gray. I could not disagree more when it comes to art. The truth is lust, seduction, intrigue and play are powerful forces that our society, for many reasons, suppresses and forgets. My work is an attempt to study these phenomena in a starker light, a light that of course casts shadows wherein room for interpretations lets one’s imagination run wild.

Perhaps that is the essence of seduction’s power: this hidden imagination, the private realm that has no words and cannot be communicated.

My models are any age, from 20 to 57, my muses possess a latent sexuality not always evident to those who look for the obvious signifiers. When I look for a girl I am like a Major League scout on the lookout for a five-tool player. My five tools are seduction, innocence, lust, mystery and darkness.

My photographs of sculptures are a form of acquisition, where I capture the pieces for my personal use, where I reimagine them in a new light, and where I give them a second life as images.

A note about the works pictured on this site: They are of a poor resolution, intentionally butchered as I detest the digital representation of my images. I am an old-school black and white film photographer who plays with all aspects of the photographic process, from aperture and shutter speed in the shot to paper type, exposure, the use of filters and many other magical variables found during the darkroom process. My prints are on high quality fibre-based papers.

What you see on this site is but another realm of my work removed, elemental and rudimentary reproductions of tangible, sculptural photographs that must be seen in person, touched, stroked and smelled to be fully experienced!