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There is something to be said for embracing the purity of lust. Lust is a beautiful thing. Without it there is no Bible, no Pieta, Demoiselles d’Avignon, and no art history. Seduction and mystery are the progenitors of lust and in my work they are the two most critical components of picture-making. The power of eros is the power of seduction and mystery. They are essential in the life of creation and central to my work as a photographer. I call this dynamic “THE CHIAROSCURO OF SEDUCTION.” Seduction knows no morality and makes no judgements.

In this light I look to engage the play and the darkness in my photographs, be they of women or sculptures. My portraits are works of fantasy where I endeavor to turn a girl into a goddess, one of innocence and purity.

In my work I am inventing fantasy, mystery, and seduction using black and white, light and darkness.

Black and white are both metaphors and the two extremes of light and its absence, both morally and pictorially. The truth is eros is absent without seduction and play, all powerful forces that our society, for many reasons, suppresses and forgets. My work is an attempt to articulate these phenomena in a light of profound contrast, a light that of course casts deep shadows and illuminates the presence and absence of lust in all of us.

Perhaps that is the essence of seduction’s power: this hidden imagination, the private realm that has no words and cannot be communicated.

In my work all aspects of the photographic process, from aperture and shutter speed in the shot to paper type, exposure, the use of filters and many other magical variables found during the darkroom process become components I problematize and manipulate to make the pictures I desire. Most of my work exists in serialized editions, with many iterations of the same shot (negative print, high contrast, low contrast, etc.).

By making a multitude of pictures from one negative I am expanding the possibilities of process and depiction. Each picture exists both on its own terms and in relation to its related prints. The singularity-multiplicity dynamic is yet another metaphor for the complexity of an individual’s inner erotic life.

A person is not one being, but a complex combination of innocence and darkness, purity and lust. This is the true paradox of human existence.